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Starting torque

0.5~10 kw






1)More poles in the permanent generator,improved the frequency when the speed of fan is low. Solve the problems of instability voltage , Improves the efficiency of the converter, saving the cost of subsequent processing equipment.
2)Our company has the ABB wind turbine testing center, which can effectively guarantee the quality of products.
3) After finite element analysis and design, structure is appropriate, starting torque is small, it is not hard to startup anymore when the fan is low speed, improved wind energy utilization.
4)low velocity magneto generator; eliminates step-up drive, raised reliability, raised power generation efficiency, maintenance.
5)No carbon brush、no excitation winding,no excitation controlling-box,sample structure,no spark.high reliability, IP Code:IP54, long life.
6)The rotor is strength, that makes the motor can get high speed.
7)Small size, light weight, high energy density, fitness for a particular occasion.
8)Motors is running efficiently throughout the entire speed range, high efficiency
9)Motor adopts imported high speed bear with oil. Maintenance-free, high reliability, long life.
10)You can change the motor voltage, speed, power and other parameters, the out size of the motor can be also changed. You can use splined shaft, dual shaft, flange and other installation methods.

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